Extract the DMV Record, a must do.

State registered vehicles have, at the minimum, a presumption of authority to apply the Motor Vehicle written laws of that “state”.  Many districts such as Nebraska have motor vehicle statutes that are void for vagueness for they do not describe the “commercial use” that is mandatory in all United States application of governing transportation of persons or cargo  for a fee on state highways.

That said below is a very interesting true story of one of our clients.

A man from Iowa purchased a vehicle from an individual in Montana by the normal signed over certificate of title.

He immediately notified Kingdom of Heaven and had it registered in their jurisdiction.

Kingdom of Heaven contacted Montana DMV and had the jurisdiction of the vehicle transferred to Kingdom of Heaven.

A full transfer took place just as they do when one DMV transfers its jurisdiction over a vehicle to another district DMV jurisdiction of the US system.  Documents and all.

((Note – that many districts are reluctant to do such transfer’s, so possible one could have any car in the “US” registered in Montana and then transferred to the Kingdom of Heaven jurisdiction from there, just an ideal.))

Now the Owner then gets stopped in Iowa and the Sheriff ignores the Kingdom registration and tows the vehicle and asked that a citation be prosecuted.

The owner contacts us and we then contact the Sheriff and try to explain the following:

  1. We have a legal transfer of ownership.
  2. We have documented evidence of Montana willingly extracting the vehicle records and conveying them to Kingdom of Heaven jurisdiction.
  3. We communicate to the Sheriff that the vehicle meets all state requirements of proof of ownership and jurisdictional registration.
  4. We demand that the vehicle be released immediately at no cost.

The Sheriff says that he sees no reason to acknowledge Kingdom/Church jurisdiction.

We then ask; “Is it the policy of your state to hold that there is no such thing as Church jurisdiction, or is this only a personal opinion you now have?”

Sheriff turns several colors.

We then communicated that if we can prove that Montana extracted its claim of jurisdiction, and passed it to Kingdom of Heaven, would he then reconsider, he said he would look at it.

The Sheriff ran a search and the vehicle rang up as a Montana registered motor vehicle.

We said that must be a error in Montana’s records, and said we will investigate.

We called Montana’s clerk of the DMV and asked her to bring up the vehicle, she did and then said; “that is interesting, it says see physical file”.  She then said;  I’ll get the file and call you back.

She called and said that the file indicates that we were right, that the jurisdiction over that vehicle has been extracted and fully transferred to Kingdom of Heaven.

She faxed the file to the Sheriff and he in turn released the car without cost and the citation/case was dismissed.


So what we have here is when the vehicle is registered it passes a type of ownership/relationship/record to the jurisdiction.

No one can transfer such jurisdiction into thin air so it makes perfect sense why Kingdom of Heaven is needed to get jurisdiction away from the “US state” into a “state” that you choose.  Jurisdiction can not pass into thin air that is an impossibility.

Just imagine if such jurisdiction was not required, no accountability would develop, people would steal your car change all the VIN numbers and it would be lost for ever.

With registration only VIN numbers originate from the manufacturer, and the chain of identification, VIN. goes from that point on.  Kingdom of Heaven provides such proof of identification / owner.

Make sure that when you purchase a vehicle that the bill of sale has the VIN on it.

In 1905 Nebraska passed a law that all vehicles on the open highways of the state must prove ownership when used in a non-commercial capacity, yet not be subject to the motor vehicle code in respects as to motor vehicle registration, licensing, and liability insurance.


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