This week I drove 2000 miles with friends from Nebraska to Idaho.

I watched diligently the whole trip, only seen one trooper car on the way up and one on the way back, not one was making a stop at the time.
Now that same week I drove between Omaha, Nebraska to Lincoln, Nebraska, 90 miles round tripe and I seen 5 to 7 troopers, and several were in the process of issuing citations.
Now the same week I drove 10 miles into Iowa, and saw 2 troopers, both issuing citations.
Now think about it, Nebraska is the only state that has a unicameral verses a bicameral, for what they claim is more efficient, but the truth is that it is much easier to make a police state with only one legislative body to get laws passed through.

Police stopping people 100 times more than in other states is a sign of a “police state”.

On 9-2-2013 I was traveling out of Nebraska and into Iowa on a moderate high traffic highway where the state troopers frequent.
They love to sting people for no seatbelts, expired plates, you name it the stop you for it.

I was in my RV, no plates, no state registration, I do have liability insurance at 68$ a month. I put in 100$ of fuel a month and 68$ for insurance, what a rip.

Well a trooper watched me go by as he was just done writing a citation, I speed up to 75 in a 65 hoping to get to a safe place to stop if he did pull me over, he must of went 120 miles an hour to catch me and then he pulled up to my left side and looked me over, for about 30 seconds, as I backed down to 65 MPH, then he got close behind me for about one minute, then he ‘jurkedly’ pulled to my right side and looked me over, all this in about a quarter mile of driving, then he just slowly pulled over on the side of the road and stopped.

This is what my plate said:

Private Household Good,
Non-Commercial Use,
Not For Hire.
402-957-2853 Paul John Hansen

If he did pull me over I would show him that my recorder is in my hand.
Then ask what determination of probable cause did you witnessed to pull me over?
He will say no plates.
I’ll then say what evidence do you have that this vehicle is a type or in a use that requires a plate in his jurisdiction?
I’ll then say that I believe that the United States Code and Court Opinions only allow him to detain me for 10 minutes then he must issue begin issuing me a citation, arrest me, or let me go.
After 10 minutes I will demand that I be allowed to exercise my liberty to leave, and if he refuses. I will tell him that I am making an arrest upon him and demand that he only Identify himself in writing to me so that I can serve him a summons to appear in a community court to answer for this stop.

You see no state employee, of all 50 states, has authority to stop a vehicle for not having plates unless they have probable cause that it is involved in commerce at that time, in a state jurisdiction, or causing a disturbance, or the operator is doing a crime, or reasonably believed to have done a crime.

Paul John Hansen 9-3-2013

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