M1S-55, Senator gives written notice that ‘Auto Registration’ and ‘Driver License’ is a contract that can be rescinded, 5$.

Wayne Stump, State Senator, sends notarized notice to Arizona Department of Public Safety, noticing them that they need to inform the policing agents of the contractual aspects of the Automobile Registration and State Drivers License, with attention of how some have formally rescinded such contracts.

This package contains the full letter, with a 14 minute audio from the man that was able to acquire a copy of the notarized notice.

I recommend that you send the same to your senator and ask for a similar disclosure response, with instructions of how one contracts, and how one rescinds such contracts with the state.

With your payment you will have perpetual access to these correspondences, and the success of the rescinding process.

Please send me a copy of the letter you sent in, and a copy of the responses that you got back if any, and I’ll post them for all to learn of how to successfully cancel these godless contracts. Feel free to black out persona; information.

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