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1. M1S-1, ‘Free Inhabitant One A Territorial Jurisdiction’ PPT- A 45-minute power point presentation with sound, going into great detail as to where Federal, State, City, and County written laws apply.  Generally, if the government does not own it they cannot regulate it.     5 min. audio by Paul. (5$)♦♦♦♦

2. M1S-2, ‘Pay No Property Tax’ PPT.  A 30-minute power point presentation with sound, explains why the government has no written law to apply county property tax upon land that is not owned by the government. (5$)

3. M1S-3, ‘Property Tax Case’ Myrtle 4161- (35$) A large package of all case documents on a Douglas County District Court property tax case of Hansen’s, it has been ongoing for years. This is the third house that they have failed to take for property taxes.  The Nebraska Supreme court has been seating on this case for six months.  I have them backed into a corner, very interesting challenge. (35$)  Pay at this site>

4. M1S-4, ‘Notice Upon Attorney, Practicing Outside of US’ 3033, tax, or also found in the “4161 Package”. (5$)

5. M1S-5, ‘Notice of Fraud, Notice of Intent to Commit Fraud’ One is upon attorneys false BAR license, and one on attorney attempting to apply written US law upon land that is not evidenced as a possession or territory of the US, as associated with property tax (but is applicable to all attorney actions). Comes with 2 MP3 on how one advocate counsel lawyer stops foreclosures for up to ten years. (5$)

6. M1S-6, ‘Territorial Jurisdiction Brief’ 6+ page – as it applies to the independence of private property not evidenced as a possession or territory of the US. (15$)

7. M1S-7, ‘Property Tax, Pay Under Protest / Affidavit’, This letter/notice is to provide a resource to get property tax payments back if the county cannot prove that your property is a possession or territory of the United States, which all land that is statutorily liable to property tax must be.  Then sue the treasurer for the funds and damages. (5$)

8. M1S-8, ‘Lien Package’ How to place a “claim” of lien on your own property to ward off any taking by the IRS or other criminal government groups.  We have used such to keep the IRS from selling a one million dollar property for 6 years now.  It is a commercial security and property care claim of lien. (35$)

9. M1S-9, ‘Sarpy Right to Travel Case’,  With the filed civil suit, by a Community Court, against the judge for acting without law. Sarpy County Sheriff issues a traffic citation upon Hansen for driving under a suspended license, no registration, no liability insurance, and a failure to appear, the warrant was issued without the mandatory “oath or affirmation” (4th Amendment violation. (5$)

10. M1S-10, ‘Sales Tax Brief’, A brief explaining why state sales tax only applies to activity (commerce) that occurs on state-owned land. Designed to be present to local retail stores so that no sales tax will be added to the sale price. (5$)

11. M1S-11, ‘Notice – M1S, Property Tax, Brief, Notice upon taxing agency’.  General notice to any person that may in the future or has sent property tax statements that your affidavit stands as evidence that the subject land is not evidenced as taxable property, as a matter of law. (5$)  

12. M1S-12, ‘1905’ “For Hire” Mr. Hand Legislative Bill, as evidence of law that all motor vehicle written law only applies to “for hire” activity in the United States. (2.5$ for a pdf copy emailed, take this to a law library and ask them to get the one for your state.)

xx13. M1S-13, Independent Registration of a Vehicle-1A Package25 (xx$) Under construction.)

The best claim of “exercising my liberty to use the open highways is registration in a jurisdiction out of the United States.  (State, Counties)    Now under construction. A type of privately held title.

14. M1S-14, ‘Foreign Plea in Abatement’ (FPIA) – 1A-Package   (35$) This is the most important defense from any United States claimed jurisdictional claim. We have used it successfully for close to twenty years in all levels of government intervention.

15. M1S-15, Case Judgment ‘Vacated for lack of “verified” complaint in the record’.  (35$) Hansen jailed for 21 days and they dismiss the case when challenged to prove up due process. (Sarpy Case) (((Look for verified complaint pages?)))


Case Law / Memorandum, Requirement for Verified Complaint, in affidavit form to complete the sufficiency of the pleadings to invoke the courts subject matter jurisdiction. I recently orally stated this premise and the prosecution dismissed the case even though I had four (4) failures to appear racked up against me.  This is a devastating strategy.

16. M1S-16, ‘Jurisdiction Case Law’, With Motion For ‘Judicial Notice’. (5$) How to put the judge liable to written law and US court case opinions.

17. M1S-17, ‘6203 Assessment Request, IRS’ (15$) This is the most valuable defense you can have for being independent from the IRS (US) system, it stops them cold, they can never successfully charge you with failure to file, or failure to pay. (May not be applicable to corporations.) See-   (Search the site under 6203.) I have personally used it for 13 years successfully.

17a. M1S-17a, M1S-17a, Notice Upon IRS, Remove Lien, This is a notice to cause the ‘agent’ that placed the unsupported lien to remove it immediately or face court proceedings for an unauthorized lien filing. (5$)

18. M1S-18, ‘Money of Account Challenge / Argument’ (35$) We have never paid a court fee, transcript fee, citation fine, etc., with this Challenge upon the court.  With 8 Page ‘Judicial Notice’ with Brief and Memorandum of Law on Want of Lawful Money of Gold or Silver Coin for Payment of Debt to the State of Nebraska. My clients have used it for years and many have never had to pay, it has saved me thousands of dollars personally.  I sometimes order 3000$ transcripts that I end up not even using / needing, that really angers the judges, because they want to make money with every case, not lose 3,000 to 5,000$.

19. M1S-19, ‘Marriage Counseling, Christian / Biblical Based.  Relational / Business Counseling, Christian / Biblical Based’.  25$ / hr..  God’s Word is the rule of conduct, and law, in all relationships.

20. M1S-20, ‘Attorney Loyalty Letter / Contract / Notice’ (5$) A template letter that forces an attorney to defend you fully.

21. M1S-21, Police Stop Instructions when operating an automobile. The three simple to do things that can win or kill your case in a traffic stop, what to say, what not to say,(KISS) keep it simple sovereign. (5$)

22. M1S-22, Why ‘Flying a United States Flag’  on your private property grants permission for the feds to raid the property for any reason they deem a concern. Yes the feds can break down your door at 3:00 am for any reason. Such flag gives notice that it is a federally controlled property. See true story. (1$)

23. M1S-23, ‘Eviction Package’ (35$) How I file for evictions in my county courts. All states are eventually the same. See>

24. XXM1S-24, ‘Privately Held Deed’, (??$) (under construction) A deed that transferred the property from the county (state) jurisdiction into a privately held church jurisdiction thus taking it out of the property taxing class (type). With supporting brief.

25. M1S-25, (5$) for both – ‘Greatest Story Never Told’, 124 page book, lawyer’s perspective of hidden information of how one becomes a “citizen” (2nd class, subject, non-sovereign), and ‘Richard McDonald MP3 2hr PresentationResident  vs.  Native’, the value, and ability, of being a “state” citizen and not a United States Citizen, not “of” the US. This information is of value for people standing in independence from the US system (US commercial law trust). I personally give it a five star rating. McDonald Cautions – Small “s” depicts a “Nebraskan” or “Californian”, and not a United States Citizen (capital “S”).

26. M1S-26, ‘Affidavit Package’ (5$), clearly shows how an affidavit must be constructed so as to fit the desired jurisdiction of the court. Using a statutory (code) affidavit to accomplish a common law purpose nullifies the process. Using a non-statutory affidavit in a statutory (code) court nullifies the process. The correct affidavit jurat must be used to match the jurisdiction of the claim or it will not be received as evidence by the court.

27. M1S-27, ‘Affidavit of Sovereign Authority’ (5$), and request a certified copy of the public record that identifies you as a sovereign. A public record / notice of status so that you cannot be assumed to be a United States Citizen (subject), but rather a man of sovereign right, therefore not subject to written law statute/code. You must do actual damage before you can be accosted by the police, none of this cited for running a red-light with no other cars around.

28. M1S-28, ‘Notary Presentment, Mailings, Proof of Notice w/affidavits’ (15$) If you want to give notice by third party that the US courts respect I recommend using this Notary mailing Affidavit Package. It shows how to have proof of mailing and contents of the same. Do not be like me and be in the middle of a case and you cannot prove service. Parties that receive such notices such as sheriffs, city municipal code enforcement, etc. think twice before coming against you. If notice is given without a proper affidavit completed by the notary you have no proof of what was sent.

29. M1S-29, ‘Brief on HOW to Force any bank to account ledger your deposits (employment checks) on United States notes, money standard (gold), and not Federal Reserve Notes.’ (5$) Pursuant to – Title 12 Section 411 [United States Code] and Section 16 of the Federal Reserve Act.

30. M1S-30, ‘How to Open a Bank Account Without Using a S.S. Number’. (_?_$) (under construction) Yes a sovereign American can open such accounts and also have the funds held as United States notes (inelastic gold standard), not as Federal Reserve Notes (elastic ‘money). This package provides the government form that allows the bank to open an account without using a SS number. ‘Dan_SS_Form, Stop Using SS Number’.

31. M1S-31, ‘How to open a ‘non-Federal Reserve Note’ bank account’.     US notes only. (5$)   See>

32. M1S-32, ‘How to win against Municipal Codes, Territorially’ (5$) – demanding evidence that the city owns the land where the violation is claimed to have taken. Cities are commercial, therefore not government, therefore are by contract. You get my 2 page draft letter of demanding proof of ownership (territorial jurisdiction) by notary presentment. Also you get – Case Opinion (40 Page) on City Jurisdiction as a business, taxpayers/citizens are franchised in, address is prima fascia evidence of “in” the city.

33. M1S-33, Time Line of USA and US Organic Law, (5$) 11 page document showing all active constitutional law of all four (4) constitutions for the United States.

34. M1S-34, ‘Challenging municipal policy’ under 42 USC § 1983, (Under Construction) Muni_Policy_JUDICIAL_NOTICE-3’ < My Doc., David Myrland’s Material.

35. M1Sp-35, Man gets ‘released from SS number’ by religious conviction, opens bank account with no SS number. See the form you can seek from the SS Office. An audio of getting passport without SS number. (5$). (Password Required.)

36. M1S-36, ‘Private Property v. Real Estate’, one taxable, one independent of taxation (governance) ($2.5).


38. M1Sp-38, How to, with law, ‘MAIL FIRST CLASS FOR 3 CENTS‘ any where in America every time. ($3.00).

39. M1S-39, IRS W9 is for “Taxpayer”, w8 is for “non-Taxpayer”, how to use it properly in banking with no SS number. (10$)

40. M1S-40, Traffic Citation, No License-Registration-Liability-Expired Plates, Sarpy County, NE, 3 arrest for ‘no- show’, 4th amendment challenge, 20 days jailed, multiple jurisdictional challenges causes them to Vacate and claim that “Charges were  not formally  filed“, have all 53 filings. A pure victory. Now moving for damages. (15$).

41. M1S-41, -‘Red-Light Scam’, The City, County, or State, lack authority for Red-Light camera citations. INFO package that shows how you can cancel every citation with only a mailing of a notice to the man that sent you the citation. ($5.00).

42. M1S-42, -McDonald, Richard, Seminar, 2 HR, State “c”itizen, I personally thought it was of value, WAV (1$) (More will be added throughout the years.)

43. M1Sp-43, -‘Non-taxpayer NOTICE upon IRS by W4 Forms’ — Karl’s mom was an IRS agent, she showed him how to use the W4 form as notice that no taxes are to be withheld by any employer. He claims he, or any employer, has been bothered by the IRS for over twenty years. ($5.00).

44. M1Sp-44, – ‘Get State I.D. and Passport with no Social Security‘, CA man shows you how he does it. Transcripts and Audios. (5$).

45. M1S-45- ‘Counsel Contract, Agreement’. Safe from practicing without a license. ($2.50)

46. M1S-46- ‘Damages Must Be Proved‘, Jurisdiction, how to vacate/set-aside most default, or summary judgment cases, especially credit card. ($2.50)

47. M1S-47- ‘Right to 6th Amendment Counsel’, How to put the brakes on a statutory representing, selling you out, attorney, and getting as a right “COUNSEL”, by judicial notice. ($2.50)

48. M1Sp-48, Hansen v. Rickets, Common Law Court of Record‘ claim, action, against NEBRASKA Governor for failure to instruct state employees of man’s “not for hire” travel right. Hansen opted to use small claims county court to convene his right to the highest courts of America – the common law court of record, trial by jury. Cost 26$. Perpetually follow this case. (5$)

49. M1Sp-49, Paul John Hansen’s biblical briefing on “The Tithe” is a written law (tax on the production of the land only) imposed only on the nation of Israel. Giving, alms, is now imposed upon the Church, not as law, but as a sacrifice of thanksgiving, charity, the law of love. (2.5$)

50. M1S-50, Case Law on ‘Church Jurisdiction‘, a US court can not disturb a church jurisdiction order. Essentially the same cases hold true for any ‘common law’ – ‘court of record’ issues. It is simply not of the jurisdiction of the United States Courts. (2.5$)

51. M1S-51, Case Law on ‘Personal Jurisdiction Challenge’, Challenges are common law and must be meet on the record, the most important thing in an attack by any US agent is to challenge what proof they have that you are a person subject. Basicly what did I do, say, or sign that the plaintiff relies upon for this US court to have personal jurisdiction over me. (2.5$) Example Template is added with judicial notice instructions.

52. M1S-52, Case Law on ‘Territorial Jurisdiction Challenge’, Challenges are common law and must be meet on the record, the second most important thing in an attack by any US agent is to challenge what proof they have that the activity they claim I did occurred on land that is owned by “The United States of America”. (2.5$) Example Template is added.

53. M1S-53, Case Law on ‘Subject Matter Jurisdiction Challenge’, Challenges are common law and must be meet on the record, the third most important thing in an attack by any US agent is to challenge what ……… under construction. (2.5$) Example Template is added with judicial notice instructions.

53a. XXM1S-53a, General steps of having successful ‘motions’, or ‘challenges‘, on the record, in open court. A list of many tricks the court uses to derail you motion/challenge, and how you stop them dead in their tracks by using the ‘Due Process‘ requirement, and the ‘Supremacy Clause‘. (under construction)

53b.  XXM1S-53b, How to nail the judge when a prosecutor motions for the proverbial ‘calls for a legal determination‘. How to force the judge to give you written ‘findings of facts and conclusions of law’ (FFCL) he relied upon to make the legal determination that the judge and prosecutor are trying to use to derail you defense.  One never wins a big traffic case in court, that only occurs in the appeal process, as a ‘matter of law’.  They know that the highest law/court is the People and that is the prosecutors greatest fear. ( click > YouTube INTRO > Legal Determination Win Cases) (under construction)

53c, M1S-53c, How to perfect a judicial notice.  Why most judicial notices fail to force the judge to follow written law, or evidence of law from ‘precedent’, ruling, standing cases. (under construction)

M1S-54 Citizen v. citizen case “opinion” disclosure: The US courts treat “citizens” jurisdictionally different: Generally a US court gets personal jurisdiction evidence by a man admitting (his big mouth), that he is a US citizen, on the record, in one way or another, this is one of the most important thing you must avoid to keep independent from US legislative administration acts upon your life. Resident, Reside, City, Citizen, County, State, Unites States, are all labeling terms that if accepted in a US court, when the proceeding is “on the record” is used to take personal jurisdiction over you, thus stealing your right to trial by the “People” by jury in a common law venue. (2.5$)

M1S-55 Arizona Senator Notice – Drivers License is a Contract, MP3, with certified document) can be rescinded, and notices his the state agents to respect right to travel in not for hire capacity. (2.5$) Excellent evidence for traffic defense.

M1S-56 REMOVING VIN FROM STATE SYSTEMS (15$) ‘Travel Proof‘ of independence from state governance. (CLICK > Full Description of Package)

M1S-57 The Rise of Common Law Courts in the United States: An Examination of the Movement, The Potential Impact on the Judiciary, and How the States Could Respond. 207 pages, CLICK > FULL ADD. (5$)

XXM1S-58 Motion to Recuse / Disqualify – Judge / Administrator, (x.x$ ) (Under Construction)

XXM1S-59 Unauthorized Practice of Law, your defense, a contract for your safety, the where, who, and what, of what you can do and what you can not do. (x.x$) (under construction)

XXM1S-60 FINDINGS OF FACT AND CONCLUSIONS OF LAW, Motion (under construction) (5$)

XXM1S-61 Alter or Amend Judgment, Motion (under construction) (5$)

XXM1S-62 Positive and Negative Averments, Notice, Challenge, in Affidavit Form (under construction) (5$)

XXM1S-63 Set Aside Judgment, If a past traffic citation has been paid and it is hindering your employment or credit rating you can ask for it to be ‘set aside’ record-wise, provided the fines are not an issue. (under construction) (5$)

XXM1S-64 KEY CASE LAW, EVIDENCE OF LAW, that are relevant to many of the issues of men seeking independence (protection from) from the United States. (?$)(under construction)

XXM1S-65 Administrative Process, Default Process, Mailing done by Aiding Notaries, Mailing Affidavits, 2 Witness Option Mailing, Claim Form/Templates, Flowchart. How to force any man, or agent of the United States, into setting a record of facts, upon which you can retain as protection, or evidence for any court proceeding, from any misapplied US written law, or common law. (35$) ♦♦♦♦

M1S-66 Federal Definitions, ‘Judicial Notice’, The necessary few with every traffic case. Keep it Simple Silly (KISS). Less is better. More than necessary simply shows your opponent that you do not know what you are doing. How we win virtually every tragic case now. Provided you, your activity, and possibly your location, is not promulgated in US written law. (2.50$)

M1S-67 Beat the IRS over 50 Times, Lawyer Ed Shell, 50 hours of Ed’s Video Presentations, a magnitude of stories, How to put the squeeze on the IRS agent that claims you have a duty to file, and have money due and owing to the United States/IRS, I personally trained under him for close to ten years. (?$)(under construction)

M1S-68 – FOIA – Use your local ‘state’ jurisdictions statutory ‘FOIA’ type request for information from government agents. FOIA as associated with MS10065 > MS10068.(?$)(under construction)

M1S-69 – Court of Record (COR), proceeding under the Common Law, for a local court trial by jury (not with jury), for case finding (determination). (7th amendment of the US Constitution) COR as associated with MS10065 > MS10069.(?$)(under construction)

M1S-70 – Then take the COR jury findings and get a confirmation of judgment (COJ) from/in your nearest US District Court (Federal or State). COJ as associated with MS10065 > MS10070.(?$)(under construction)

M1S-71 – Then collaborate the execution of the judgment (EOJ) with the local US authorities, and the men of your community. EOJ as associated with MS10065 > MS10071.(?$)(under construction)

M1S-72 AP – Administrative Process, send by notary, and 2nd and 3rd mailing by first class mailings, UCC affiliated action as associated with MS10065 > MS10072.(?$)(under construction)

M1S-73 Arbitration Slam, Guaranteed win, on any credit card, or your money back. Click > STORY. (35$). I have a 20 year 100% success rate.

M1S-74 Common Law Lease, with American Common Law Enforcement. Template ($2.5)

M1S-75 Instruction, DMV, Voluntary Surrender License ($under construction)

M1S-76 Sheriff has ‘legal written duty’ to enforce the ‘statutory written law’, and the ‘common law‘. ($2x.5x) (under construction)

M1S-77 All US courts are limited to regulating ‘Firearms’, per the ‘Supremacy Clause’ – Not ‘rifled barrel’ pistols or rifled barrel long guns, or long smooth barrel shotguns. A ‘firearm’ is a ‘sawed-off shotgun’. Federal case law, Stat at Large. ($2.5) (under construction)

M1S-78 ‘File Upon Demand, File for Record‘ (When Refused) (under construction)

M1S-79 ‘Forma Pauperis‘ Example Forms that I use so that I never have to pay for anything in a US court, civil or criminal, proceeding brought against me. I have personally used it to save over ten thousand dollars in appeal fees. Never pay for another subpoena, file copies, or court transcript again. (15$) (under construction)

88. M1S-88. – ‘Credit Card Defenses‘, I have won every credit card case that I have been involved with, trained by Ed Shell, a law graduate, handled credit card cases for 20 plus years. You can prevail every-time by asking the right questions, subpoenaing the right witnesses, and all that with the proper timely objection to attorney offered evidence. I even have a national president that went to the highest court in the STATE OF NEBRASKA. Counsel time at 35$/hour.

99. M1S-99. – Counsel fees [ ] must be prepaid.  On this same site in ‘GENERAL’ (top button on this page) PayPal Button you can put in the value of your purchases and then email me on exactly what you just ordered and they will be delivered promptly, generally the same day.

100,. M1S-100. Independent Jural Society Community Court (IJSCC), Example Template/Form Court Case Process. Common Law Court of Record, 12 jurors. No Charge.

Get 5, 10, or 100 people, and split the cost of counsel time we can then ‘all’ conference at the same time, you get 100 years of pooled experience. Each participant is sent an MP3 high-quality recording of each conference soon after.

Step 1 – For ease of ordering just pay at any working PayPal Button on my site [HERE] the recommended amount and then email me and specify what you wish to order and it will be sent, generally, the same day.

Step 2 – Once paid, email me and include the amount of time paid for, your contact number, date, and a time window (CST) of when it is best to talk.

Step 3 – I am on Central Daylight Savings Time (CDST).

Step 4 – I’ll generally make it work.

Step 5 – Note – I highly recommend – Tell me if you would like access to have our conversation recorded for your playback review in MP3. (To record we both call 213-992-5232 – Pin 00859 if prompted (Best on Chrome), this enables a recording you can get, or down load in MP3, off the Internet up to 30 days after the call.

-If it is for preparation of documents just pay and send email explaining what you wish to have done.

-It is best to send with the email a ½ page (max) chronology of your issues with why you believe you have a good case.

-No one is permitted to have a counseling time unless a payment is made, it is highly recommended clients first purchase, and preview the ‘Free Inhabitant One A’     [ ] 45 min. presentation for (5$).  Delivered by ‘Dropbox’.  Most all issues with the US courts can be removed with this knowledge.

150,000+ people read my site some months, and many seek information, so do understand the need for people to pay for my time, so-far all the people say that the money was very well spent, I could charge more but so many of my clients are on their last resources, and I pay no Federal or State taxes so the 35$/hour is workable for me.

Our goal should be-   to stop government intrusion upon the “free inhabitants” independence, and not in getting rich.

If communication begins by email “always” send same linked emails so that I/we have a chronology of communications in one email, extensive communication and sharing will incorporate a Dropbox account.  See also –

All PowerPoint presentations are sent by Dropbox, and some are also available by share web-sites if the client has difficulty with PPT compatibility.        <<  For Counseling fees and payment plans.

If making a payment just type in the desired payment amount in the PayPal payment box.

Notice – Once a person is a paid client I have the discretion to charge for reading and/or answering emails. This usually entails $1.00 fee at the minimum to read any email that is substantive, meaning just short mailings will not be charged.

 xx ((( Any order of products (not counsel time) of 100$ or more will receive 10$ (10%) of credit that can be applied to any additional materials from the list above. )))

  • CONTACT – PayPal is the easiest way to pay, or mail cash or money order, Payable to: Paul Hansen, 1548 N 19 St. Omaha, NE 68110.
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  2. Susan says:

    I have Court verified document that I am a California National – within the exterior borders, boundaries, and surveys of the country known as California, and without the borders, boundaries and surveys of the United States.
    I moved my estate from the territory and other property of the United States to California, a Republic state
    about 20 years ago
    I have a private county notary sealed my private ID info and the DC courts and Marshall’s accept it – notified them I do not contract with the State or Federal Gov’t for identification purposes –

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      Just find the INFO page at the Paypal button on top of each page and click the button by the product, pay, and a Password” is sent to you by email for that one page.

  4. William Beverly says:


    Besides papal, will you accept payment from my bank via email?



    Yes, any form of payment is accepted. All forms from banks, any card, Bitcoin, you name it I’ll make it work.
    Paul John Hansen

  5. W. jenkins says:

    Do you have a one price pkg with everything ?
    Id like to buy it.

    • admin says:

      Yes, several people have asked the same, it comes with a 25% discount, 340$, Just Click PayPal on top of any page it is the first one called > M1S-D1.

  6. Minnesotan says:

    Hi Paul,

    When I purchase the FULL package, will I get passwords as well for each of the categories for access on the website?

    Thanks for the wonderful info!

  7. Paul John says:

    […] hour counsel time to get things off to a good start. Start well will ensure you end well. Use top PayPal Button <Click […]