State” officers treat “vehicles” in their system as “state” property with a “state” legal interest.

Remove the evidence of a “state” interest and you are generally left alone. If not you can sue for damages.

How to remove you *VIN from the state Department of Vehicles Registration system.

Yes you can follow a process that takes the present VIN out of the state system.

This removes all association, assumed contract with the state, away from your now private property.

After this removal you can re-“record” (for a public record) it in our internet site for private “Record of Owners” where proof of ownership is further assured.

At all times during recreational travel:

  1. Carry a certified copy of the full title.
  2. Carry a certified copy of a notarized bill of sale.
  3. Carry a notarized personal I.D.
  4. Carry a certified copy of the dis-registration documents.
  5. Carry a short brief on right to travel and to own property independant of any state of the United States.
  6. Carry a shortened URL link for easy access to the location of the “record” of present owner.
  7. Carry certified copy of correspondence with the local state Governor of you independant “record”.
  8. Have a NOT FOR HIRE plate with ownership contact info in the back window and where plates are generally displayed in your local state. (I put one in the back window because the cops like to tear my plate off occasionally.

With your 15$ payment for the M1S-56 Package you will have step by step instructions of how to perfect the removal, and you will also have perpetual use of the “Owner of Record” internet site to record your property, along with all the stories (good and bad) from others that are doing the same process across the nation.

Let us work together to perfect “right to travel”, as many are seeking such all across our land.

*VIN defined – ‘Vehicle Identification Number’ in U.S. state jurisdiction, and ‘*Chassis  Number’ in mans jurisdiction.

*chas·sis, noun
  1. the base frame of a motor vehicle or other wheeled conveyance.
    synonyms: framework, frame, structure, substructure, shell, casing

    “the chassis of the car is in mint condition”
  1. Anon says:

    >>Is Hansen’s reply comments<<
    removing a vin number on your car doesn’t mean it is now your private property,
    >>true<< yes you paid for it, but you still have to have a drivers licence and insurance. >>only if used for commercial profit when on state land<< removing a vin to get it off the record is like taking the serial number off of a gun, yes you purchased it but that doesn't mean you go and take it off the grid, removing a serial number from a gun is illegal, >>true in some jurisdictions, may be permissible in common law, that would be up to the jury<< and so is removing a vin number from a car, if you don't believe me. "1364. Altering Or Removing Motor Vehicle Identification Numbers. Section 511(a) of Title 18 makes it a felony knowingly to remove, obliterate, tamper with, or alter an identification number for a road motor vehicle or a road motor vehicle part." https://www.justice.gov/usam/criminal-resource-manual-1364-altering-or-removing-motor-vehicle-identification-numbers >>that is true when on US owned land when doing activity that is classified as commercial, remember a US citizens very existence is commercial, as a free man commerce is based on individual daily acts<< what you guys are doing here is idiotic, you are not above the law. >>true, what we have is right to common law remedy, rights, in common law jurisdictions, thus staying off US owned lands<< and i don't see the reason why you put the definition of a chassis at the end, that doesn't really prove anything >>I do that because US written law likes to use vehicle and “VIN” is possibly a slippery slope term so I stay with automobile and chassis numbers<<

    • David says:

      Your property though initially classified as a motor-vehicle, ceases to be a motor vehicle the moment you cancel the registration for constructive fraud. Your automobile is classified according to it’s usage. If it is non-commercial it is either considered farm equipment/road-machine and is exempt from licensing. In spite of the ignorant approach this fellow has in his reply it is not a motor vehicle anymore.
      Statutes and codes are part of the transportation code. If your not in the transportation business, The code and statute does not apply.
      >>Comment by Hansen, I do not use ‘exempt’, it is much more “not included”. This is a good point. If this man did get his auto classified as private in their system I would like to see the documents.>>

  2. David says:

    For those of you with real knowledge why do you not own the property which according to most statutes ‘have to be registered”.
    Because, you didn’t purchase it with lawful money. You purchased it with I.O.U’s. (Federal Reserve notes) You are considered a business entity, by name, by deed and in law. Once you used the B.C. (Birth Certificate) you ratified your person and became a public office, via consent and you are operating a state agency. Bet they never told you that in school did they?
    The government you decided to partner with has made you the debtor by using the name your parents gave to them to register as part of the process. It’s not your name, it’s theirs and you used it to participate in their jurisdiction. The drivers license # is usually created along with a S.S.# as soon as the B.C. is created. (in hopes that you use it) Clever criminal lawyers. also known as congressman.