Another One Bites The Dust, 13K$ Credit Card Victory

I have won every credit card case I have ever been involved with in the last 1o years.

BRANCH BANKING & TRUST CO.       Bladen County, North Carolina

My client had a $13,581.33 claimed outstanding credit card bill due to the above bank.

We challenged all the elements of evidence of a true loan of substantive funds.

The bank folded and dismissed the court case.

Banks are limited, by congress, to only lending “true” designated funds, they use to do this, now seldom do it.

The result is massive profits for the bank, and massive inflation for your community.

Take responsible banking and sound money back for you and your community, most every extension of credit by banks today are not compliant with congressional law, or biblical law.

This is why your savings are not worth saving.

This is crime to the trillionth degree.

Crime that is robing your local community of millions of dollars every year.

Hire me, I can generally cancel you outstanding credit balances, that is due, with any bank in America.

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