Repealing the 2nd Amendment, say what???

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Powerful Gun Speech

The most articulate gun speech I've ever heard. Everyone needs to hear this. Make this go viral.Bill Whittle is the speaker in the video.

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Repealing the 2nd Amendment, say what???

First the 10 individual amendments that were selected as part of the ‘Bill of Rights’ (i.e. 10 Amendments of 1791) are not written ‘law’, they are enumerated, unalienable ‘rights’.

Congress cannot, as is true with all men, take a right from another man, except for criminal punishment, on American soil.

Congress has no authority to take the ‘right to bear arms’, from any man, period, for such is unconstitutional. Simply put congress was never constituted with that authority by the American People.

Now if all congress would vote to remove any right such act would have no effect on that right, legally or constitutionally.

All 10 of the ‘Bill of Rights’ have existed for mankind from the beginning and will be until the end.

So what can a congress on American soil legislate?

They can only legislate the intent of their given constituted authority, which is military necessity/purpose, which naturally is inseparable from all nations.

So as to ‘the right to bear arms’ can only be restricted, governed, altered, in military purposed land*.

The United States can only own land for military purpose.

The United States must part with land that is not utilized for a military purpose within 5 years* of taking possession of such land.

An American has no right to carry anything in any military purposed land.

An American has no right to even be in military purposed land.

Any man in military purposed land can only have permission to be in such land.

The ‘Bill of Rights’ does not operate in military purposed lands.

Approximately 24% of America is military purposed land (land owned by ‘The United States of America’).

Approximately 76% of America is non-military purposed land (land not owned by ‘The United States of America’).

Congress governs arms on the 24%.

American People, by American common law, governs arms on the 76%.

If you are in a US court and the charged activity occurred in land not evidenced as of the 24%, you are in the wrong court.

Three things that are paramount in court: 1. territorial jurisdiction, 2. territorial jurisdiction, and lastly 3. territorial jurisdiction.

Utilize the ‘American Common Law Court’ (7th Amendment/right).

Contact Lawyer-Hansen for the document procedure to ‘challenge’ territorial jurisdiction, with estoppel.

((Land* = Space – one is not on land, one is in land, in a space. In, within, land. To be on a space is to be not within the space. The US courts will use this legal trickery to secure faulty territorial jurisdiction determinations. The Alice in Wonderland = Wonderspace.))

GOVERNMENT CODE, TITLE 10. GENERAL GOVERNMENT, SUBTITLE E. GOVERNMENT PROPERTY CHAPTER 2204. ACQUISITION OF LAND FOR STATE AND FEDERAL PURPOSES, SUBCHAPTER A. ACQUISITION OF LAND BY STATE, Sec. 2204.304. REVERSION TO STATE ON NONUSE. A grant under this subchapter must contain a reservation providing that if any part of the property granted ceases to be used for the purposes set out in Section 2204.301 for a continuous period of five years*, that part shall immediately and automatically revert to this state at the end of that period.

P.S. – Attorneys of the ‘BAR ASSOCIATION‘ that utilize such challenges get barred from association. Most attorneys, and congressmen, that understand this are privileged traitors.