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INTRO:                  (Click on the COLORED below for link access.)

  1., a general compilation of primarily law information, with the main goal is to instruction how to live unrestrained by the tyrannical UNITED STATS, and its states.
  2., much the same as the above, more geared to providing specific instructions in warding off various state intervention.
  3. Paul Sever Briefing, Facebook, is a periodical posting of concise law brief points, with links to expanded information. Recommended for the serious-minded patriot. This facebook page is only for postings and not for reciprocal face-booking.
  4.  –  A list of all ‘Paul Sever Briefing’ posts, in chronological order, with searchable category capacity.
  5. Paul John Hansen, Facebook, Hansen’s general Facebook page.
  6. is a site, managed by Hansen, that allows for users, like you, to post info associated with any freedom movement for only pennies per month.