Administrative Process (AP) = (Non-Judicial request for remedy, INFO, Declaration of ‘state compelling interest’, notice of trespass, and gives notice of law at the same time.) Notary Presentment.

AP is a process that is respected in all US statutory courts , and American common law courts.

It is a tool that forces an answer from any man that may be making a claim on America soil.

The Petitioner (you) send, with aid of notary (me), by certified mailing, to the Respondent (them), clearly, precisely, written negative and positive averments*, and Admissions.

Respondent must reply by sworn affidavit to each point.

If no response is made the facts shall be deemed, as true, as stated, as written, by Petitioner, as evidence for use in any court in America.

See M1S-65 at Click> HERE.

As a lawyer I believe this is by far the most important tool to force any man, or any government agent, to full transparency. Most US, and state written laws, are unconstitutionally applied because government agents are almost never compelled in a state court to give full disclosure to all the elements of written law they are attempting to enforce. I have had four high level officers of US government resign from their job when I served this AP upon them, for once they are duly noticed they are now personally liable for all acts outside of the scope of the written law they are utilizing. This includes all US administrators (statism, state-ist, judges).


a·ver·ment*, noun, 1. an affirmation or allegation. 2, a formal statement by a party in a case of a fact or circumstance that the party offers to prove or substantiate.
  1. Daniel O'Quinn says:

    I’m glad for you… I too, want to represent our Lord as best I can in all my ways.

    I’m waking up to the massive fraud USA INC. has committed on the American people.

    Please let me know if I could join in with you and/or like minded Americans and where I can self-educate myself and family on the following topics: property taxes, automobile travel, common law courts etc.

    I look forward to your reply. Your fellow American… Daniel.

    • admin says:

      Just read my two sites in their entirety:, and you will be a 100 years ahead of the Average American.

  2. Blade Turner says:

    How do I learn more about this process? Please guide in the right direction and/or send me some helpful docs.
    >>>> Reply – Order m1s -10065 for the full package, it has all the instructions with examples.