The Christendom State.

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[[ Below is our first draft of a proposed jurisdiction based on biblical principals. ]]


This confederation shall be styled as “Christendom States United of America”.

This confederation is a union of individual people located between Mexico and Canada in North America who have joined under the jurisdiction of the Church founded by Jesus the Christ.

This jurisdiction shall be governed by biblical sources found in the following:

1. Scripture only,

2. Faith only,

3. Christ only.

People who wish to join this confederation must submit themselves to the three above listed governance principals.

Land that may be of this confederacy shall be owned by the above people and registered in its jurisdiction.

Law of this land shall be common law, based on biblical principals, determined case by case, by a jury of twelve or more.

Courts of this jurisdiction shall be of respected men, no less than twenty years of age, each acting as a judge, with majority rule.

Police enforcement shall be by the whole community, and if needed, aided by contracted services.

Offices shall be created as needed.

Taxes shall be a duty only upon those that consent by written contract, and only limited to singular services as specified in each contract.


[[This confederacy perpetually under construction, being always open to adjustment to comply with biblical mandates.]]


Definition Section:

CSUA- Abbreviation of Christendom States United of America

Christendom- A society governed by the Word of God, and the supremacy of Jesus the Christ.

States- individual land under individual ownership, as registered in the subject CSUA confederacy.

United- owners of land who chose to unite with like-minded people in limited independent governance, courts, with central depository for public records, as a confederacy.

America- land that is located between Mexico and Canada of the North America continent.

Confederacy- An union, association, by consent, free to associate with, and free to disassociate with at any time.

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