SENATE DOC 43, also known as Resolution 62.

■ Senate Resolution Number 62 from April of 1933 that reads as; “The ultimate ownership of all property is in the State; individual ownership is only by virtue of Government, amounting to mere user; and that use must be in accordance with law and subordinate to the necessities of the State.”

(At one time all of some states were included in this written law jurisdiction, now only land evidenced as owned by the USA is qualified.)

Understanding proper challenge to this is how we can maintain that no evidence exists for the following:

-No duty for property tax,

-No duty for Federal tax,

-No duty for State tax,

-No duty for State sales tax,

-No duty for State property tax,

-No duty to comply with “Motor Vehicle” written laws,

-No duty for municipal codes,

-No duty for building codes,

-No duty to appear in a US court,

-No duty to ………………….. etc.


All Available Material:

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p1.x Free Inhabitant One A Territorial Jurisdiction PPT- (5$) A 45 minute power point presentation with sound, going into great detail as to where Federal, State, City, and County written laws apply.  Generally if the government does not own it they can not regulate it.     5 min. audio by Paul.


p2.x Pay No Property Tax PPT- (5$) A 30 minute power point presentation with sound, explains why the government has no written law to apply county property tax upon land that is not owned by the government.


p3. Property Tax Case, Myrtle 4161- (35$) A large package of all case documents on a Douglas County District Court property tax case of Hansen’s, it has been ongoing for years. This is the third house that they have failed to take for property taxes.  The Nebraska Supreme court has been seating on this case for six months.  I have them backed into a corner, very interesting challenge.  Pay at this site>


p3a. 5$ [3] Notice, Practicing Outside of US, 3033,tax, found in 11-4161.package, M1S.


4. Property Tax, Pay Under Protest / Affidavit, (5$)  This letter / notice is to provide a recource to get property tax payments back if the county can not prove that your property is a possission or territory of the United States, which all land that is statutorily liable to property tax must be.  Then sue the treasurer four the funds and damages.


p5. Lien Package– (35$) How to place a “claim” of lien on your own property to ward of taking by the IRS or other criminal government groups.  We have used such to keep the IRS from selling a one million dollar property for 6 years now.  It is a security and property care claim of lien.


p6. Sarpy Right to Travel Case, with filed civil suit, by a Community Court, against the judge for acting without law. (5$)  Sarpy County Sheriff issues a traffic citation upon Hansen for driving under a suspended license, no registration, no liability insurance, and a failure to appear, warrant was issued without the mandatory “oath or affirmation” (4th Amendment violation.


p7. Sales Tax Brief– (5$) A brief explaining why state sales tax only applies to activity (commerce) that occurs on state owned land. Designed to be present to local retail stores so that no sales tax will be added to the sale price.


p8. Time Line of USA and US Organic Law, (5$) 11 page document showing all active constitutional law of all 4 constitutions for the United States.


p9. Notice – Land Not of the United States Property Taxing Written Laws.  (5$)  General notice to any person that may or has sent property tax statements that your affidavit stands as evidence that the subject land is not evidenced as taxable.


p10. Certified Copy of 1905 “For Hire” Mr Hand Legislative Bill, as evidence of law that all motor vehicle written law applies to “for hire” activity in the United States.

7$, shipping fee included.  I’ll need your mailing address for delivery of the document.


p11. Independent Registration of a Vehicle-1A-Package          (25$) Now under construction.  The best claim of “exercising my liberty to use the open highways is registration in a jurisdiction out of the United States.  (State Counties)


p12. Foreign Plea in Abatement (FPIA) – 1A-Package   (35$) Now under construction.

The most important defense from any United States claimed jurisdictional is a FPIA, we have used it successfully for close to twenty years in all levels of government intervention.


p13. Case Judgment Vacated for lack of “verified” complaint in the record.  (35$) Hansen jailed for 21 days and they dismiss the case when challenged to prove up due process.  See>


p14. Case Law / Memorandum, Requirement for Verified Complaint, in affidavit for to complete the sufficiency of the pleadings to invoke the courts subject matter jurisdiction. (5$)  I recently oral stated this premise and the prosecution dismissed the case even though I had four (4) failures to appear racked against me.  This is a devastating strategy.

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